Wednesday, 15 November 2017

yr 4 math skills


today I did my yr 4 maths skills and finnishing this task

the Legend of the hidden airport

In the morning my captain said to me to “check out” this Hidden airport that have not be used for long long long time. When I made it to the hidden airport I saw 3 planes. When I went inside of the plane it started seeking into the the ground. I went to the door but there was too much water pressure. At the right of the door I saw a Axe. when I saw the axe I used it to break the door. When I was free I went to the Second plane. When I was inside the plane it start falling apart then I run and I jumped out of the window and I landed on the ground safe. When I went to the third plane it was the last plane. When I went inside there was fire. Then it start to explode and I jumped out of the window when I looked back it explodes like firework.. Then the helicopter went to pick me up. And I was at home safe and sound.the end

Monday, 13 November 2017

ROOM11 got 100 comments !!!!!!!!

today is the awesome day ever today my class got 100 comments on us just dance movie I hop we get 200 comments bye I just check on room 11 blog and we got 102 then 103 then 104.

fraction #1

today I learned about fraction

Friday, 3 November 2017