Monday, 30 October 2017

term 4 magic number.

                                          today our magic number is 862 I hope you like my post.

Friday, 27 October 2017

missing the Bus

sprint race

Sprinting through the wet grass. I dashed through the wet grass
When I was running I used my top speed to go to the finish line.
When I ran sweat was dripping off my head like water. At last
I past the finish but I lost. Then the winners came and did there secin
Rash but John came first and he was in the the third rash. But it

 Was it a running race it was a crab rash? A crab race is like a game but you have to put to arms on the ground and legs to and your body is not aloud to touch the ground you have to run like a crab.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


immersion assembly.

Start writing here:

At first once I walked in assembly I sat down. Once I sat down Mr Burt Mrs Nua and Mr j and Mr Wasman was doing a song called musical madness. Mr Burt said to team one to come to the stage. Team one was doing snap with a song. Mr Burt called out team two. There song was the lion jungle. After a while Mr Burt called out team 3 our one. Our one was about 4 teachers trash talking but singing it was a lot of fun and Mr Burt called team 4. There one was about 5 teacher in a car singing there favourite song and when they made it back to Pt england school they saw Mr J in his van. In the end Mr J put on his favourite song and it was rock n roll. When assembly was finished they sang their song again when we went back in our classroom we started writing about what happen in assembly.