Friday, 17 August 2018

flitting with fractions

today I did a week one task. next time I will work on my maths.

money everywhere

today I did a money everywhere task it was really hard. next time I will work on learn new things about maths.

reading task

today I did my reading task for week 4 it was really hard.

narrative writing

2’000 years ago there was a war in china called dragon wars but now it’s 2018 they weight 2’000 years for us so they came to point England school. we had 18 more years to pepper. Now it was time the dragons raised from the dead. One day later there was this boy named ark he holds the key to ultimate sakerfes. Next day later there was a war at point England school and point England beach it was the biggest war ever ark was running for his life a boat was gonna pick him up but then it got burn from the dragons fireball. Then he saw the dragon knights marching up to him and in a blec of a eye they fire the biggest fireballs at the NZ army. Ark has to get the Cube to the temple before time runs out. But there was a problem it was in a atheir world. Ark has to be transport to the FBI and the NCIA and the agent spy group. But they been attack from the dragons. Ark got drag in from the knights. He was tied up onto the pol he was wearing a diamond on his neck. It brag some lighting to break the rops. Ark ran to the portill to get back to his world.When he came back to the USA know one was there they were all gone he saw 20 dragons flying around him so he went and to hid. When it was morning the towers was destroyed and the white house was still standing and there was agents outside. The rescue team was looking for ENE one that was still alive in the city. And ENE people that was in the war that was still alive too. Then he saw some cops walking around the city with their guns loaded ready. The cops saw him and took him to a safe place to picket him from the fire breathing dragons. But they found where he was saw they ran to safety. Then they saw the good snake came then it transforms into a big dragon. Then somehow they got to the city again the army started firing missile at them so the run somewhere safe but the snake started fighting back. But then a purtill thase came up in the sky and a big Gorilla came out and started fight the helicopter and smashing it on the ground. Every year new 4 monsters cem on coming out of purtill the humans won the battle in 2099. But then ark died when the war was finish. The future robots pick up the dead monsters but one more purtill came up but it was not like the atheir purtill this one is so big it’s bigger than a city it’s name was Godzilla. it ran to the water where now one can find him. All of the dead monsters got frown in the sea. Then this new guy was the person holds the key to ultimate sakerfes name sam he goes to high school. To be Continue.

Thursday, 16 August 2018


today we did a cyber smart quiz and learn how to do good things on your chrome book and never to tell ENE one your account.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


today I did my DMIC task it was really hard. next time I will try to work on talking at the right time at the right place.

Monday, 13 August 2018