Monday, 25 June 2018

shapes of life

today I learn shapes of life that mean I know how to draw 3D shapes

Friday, 22 June 2018

ploygon copycats

animation writing

Hi my name is valeli When my helicopter when it was flying there was a explosion in the sky so they went to check it out. then they were under attack his team were all dying then there were was only two that survived. when one helicopter moved forwards it explosiones because a millsel fired at him and when I look down and the bash was on fire then three big planes come to get me to safede. Now I will talk about the four forces of flight. Lift makes the plane go up when it’s getting too close to the ground. Weight  makes the plane go down when the plane is getting high in the sky. Drag makes the plane go left and right if it’s gonna hit a tree a mountain or a big rock. Thrust makes the plane go forward and also thrust is more stronger than drag because it has more power. Thanks for watching my movie. The end.