Wednesday, 23 May 2018

the legend of the surviving plane.war stared 2 years ago on 2016 may 4th

Begin Writing Here: when I was flying the plane chinese rebels was after me i did the loop but they were still on to me I could not outrun them they were to hard then I saw a old usa bash so I land there and rest for the day. The next day there were 80 of them I went inside and called the us military forces but I did not had anth time so I hide at the back of the desk the I find a secret door then I find a old us plane it had guns then I flo into the sky I shot a of the planes but then a misal shot at the back of my plane then I crash it to on a island. I woke up and I fike about a of the people the believe in me the us military force I fike of my brother and my mum and dad then I said to myself to never give up so I builded a plane with a the mental I can find when I test it fly then I went to the chinese rebels and shot there tanks and planes and there rebels then 50 us planes come and fired a boom and it was mission complete.


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