Wednesday, 24 October 2018


today I did my addition/subtraction task it was not hard to do because addition and subtraction was not hard to do so bye.

idea city task.

today I did my idea city task we have to draw something that's already been drawn.

recount writing

two weeks ago I went to burger king for my birthday. My mum got me a crown on my birthday. When we left burger king I went to get a nether refill then I went back in the car. When we left we went to the warehouse. My mum let me get three things so I got m&m then I got the m&m block and then I got a new t-shirt. Then we went back home and watch a movie called white house down it was a action movie. It’s about these people trying to takeover the white house and the army was trying to save it. Also they are trying to save the President that’s inside the white house with his agent trying to get out with him.

Friday, 19 October 2018

cave drawing animation

This is my cave drawing animation for this term. For my animation my place is samoa and my animal is a lion.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

aboriginal art craft

                               today for class we been doing symbols and turning it in to a story
                               my story is people was going to the meeting place and the campsite
                               then a boomerang come to this man with digging sticks then a person saw
                                spears coming at them but then they got their shied  but then they so a women.


today for DIMC we did this hard task. I'm still working on not talking. 

surprised recount

On Sunday I went to church for white Sunday. With my family it was fun but then I got nervous when me and my friends had to stand on the stage and do a dance. When I was dancing my hands started to get sweaty but when I finish the dance I felt surprised it was finish. When church was finish we went to eat chicken nibbles and chips it was so yum. When we were dun eating my whole church went to mission bay. It was so fun because all of the kids get to swim also I get to swim too. It was fun day playing in the water I felt really really happy about it. On that day I was nervous but it ended with a happy day at the beach.